Governance 6

Membership is by invitation only 


Commitments required of members

• Professional life committed to improving the governance of the sector and

       of individual boards by working closely with trustees, chairs, chief executives


• Delivering work of the highest quality and standards.

• Learning from each other, sharing expertise and knowledge and giving time

        for continuing professional development.

• Supporting other members of the group through mentoring, collaboration,

       being a critical friend and training.



• Honesty

• Willingness to learn

• Willingness to collaborate

• Mutual trust

• Commitment to quality

• Sector focus

• Commitment to giving some time to the sector on a pro bono basis

• Confidentiality


Apart from me, the current members are:


Tesse Akpeki

Beryl Hobson

Lindsay Driscoll

Linda Laurance

Anne Moynihan


The link below gives short biographies.


Short biographies


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Making charity governance more effective