What I do (charities)

I train trustees (new and experienced), trustee boards, chairs of trustees, chief executives and others interested in governance.

Either open courses (www.civilsociety.co.uk/events/home/tab/training) or

courses carefully tailored to the needs of a specific charity or a specific group of people. For further information click here 

This can range from carrying out full, in-depth reviews to supporting charities carrying out their own reviews. Advice and recommendations are supported, where appropriate, with practical assitance such as providing relevant documentation (e.g. terms of reference for committees, specific board policies). All reviews are tailored to the needs of the charity.

Board effectiveness reviews can range from full, in-depth reviews to supporting boards carrying out their own reviews. Reviews can include: designing of questionnaires; preparing questions for face-to-face or telephone interviews; carrying out interviews with each trustee and others (under Chatham House Rules); analysing feedback; writing report with recommendations; facilitating workshop to consider the report and to agree the way forward; tracking results and effectiveness over time.

Writing of specifically tailored governance documents such as a trustee handbook, specific board policies, job descriptions, terms of reference for board committees etc.


Governance reviews

Independent chair of a governance review committee

Appraising chief executives

Listening ear


There are times, especially when sensitive issues abound, when it is important to have an independent chair of a governance review committee.

Board effectiveness reviews

Independent member of appointments panel

It often helps to have an independent, objective, dispassionate person to assist when appointing a new chief executive or chair of trustees.

Helping boards to appraise their chief executive by gathering, collating, analysing confidential feedback and recommending steps to be taken to develop the chief executive and to help make the chief executive even more effective.

One-to-one confidential support and advice for chairs of trustees and chief executives on governance matters.

Help with documentation